Some of the sights of the 39th Texas Packard Meet

(Courtesy of Princess and David Miller)




Registration Information will be here by Jan. 2017


The 40th Annual Texas Packard Meet will be held at the Inn of the Hills Hotel and Conference Center, 1001 Junction Highway, Kerrville, Texas (as will the 41st--we are waiting to see if the Stagecoach Inn gets renovated and, if so, what their rates will be. Anyone wishing to take on hosting future meets is more than welcome to do so. That would be much preferred to compaining about those who sacrifice time and money to host it now.)  We are fortunate to be able to keep the first weekend in April for the meet (March 31-April 2).  Rooms in the block will be available and iformation will be placed here when we have it. All rooms are non-smoking and have free wireless Internet.

When making individual reservations, please call Inn of the Hills Resort & Conference Center @ 800-292-5690 and request the Texas Packard Meet block to secure the negotiated group room rate.  For any additional questions please contact the Texas Packard Meet coordinator or Inn of the Hills Sales Department at 830-895-6018.


   Rooms will be available for check-in on the day of arrival at 4:00 pm.  Checkout time is 12:00 noon.

The hotel features two swimming pools, a free breakfast, and guests are invited to bring a rod and reel to fish in the river behind the hotel.


The 40th Annual Meeting Brochure will be placed here

(Special note about the Early Bird Tour. If you don't have a Packard to drive, but want to enjoy the tour just ask around. Several drivers will have empty seats that they would love to share with you. Also, you may dirve a non-Packard in the tour, just join up after the last Packard.


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If you have ideas for meetings after 2017, please see the following information:


Please be advised that if your region wants to suggest another venue, “closer to home”, for the Texas Packard Meet, it will be your responsibility to do all of the research.  This includes all costs involved in providing our needs.  The site selected must meet the following criteria:

  >75-100 guest rooms, price is important and can be negotiated, that includes good prices for meeting rooms.   

  >The date of the first weekend in April is important; Easter is April 16th so that should not present a conflict.
>A room which can be used for registration, hospitality, perhaps a meal and can comfortably seat 150-200 for the awards program and for the Sunday morning business meeting.  This room needs to be available from 4:00 pm till 11:00 pm on Thursday, 7:00 a.m.- 11:00 pm on Friday and Saturday and 9:00 am – 12:00 noon on Sunday.

  >The ability to provide our own snacks and drinks for the hospitality room.

  >Ability to provide finger foods for Saturday noon, at a reasonable price.
>A room to accommodate individuals who attend tech sessions.  It needs to be available from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm on Saturday.

  >A room available for a National Board Meeting.
>A banquet room which will seat at least 100 people and the capability of providing the Saturday evening dinner.
>It should have a restaurant on location so that people can get a meal; the Stage Coach Inn coffee shop was often closed.   
>An area which will accommodate 50 to 65 cars to be displayed on Saturday, and an area to handle trailers that haul the cars.

  >A location suitable for the Friday tour.
>One of most important issues is traffic.  We are trying to stay away from cities where there is a lot of traffic.    


Please include all of the costs involved, for the entire weekend, in your presentation.  Please understand that if your site is chosen, it will be your responsibility to make all of the arrangements for the entire weekend and buy the items for the hospitality room.


At the April, 2017 Texas Packard Meet, each proponent for a new venue will be given a short time to make a full presentation with the above criteria, and the whole membership attending will take a vote.  New ideas are always welcome.  The registrar has done her best to set up a suitable location on such a short notice, to find available the date we needed and to keep it within our means.  If you are not satisfied with the Inn of the Hills for future meets, please have your presentation ready for the meeting.



Meeting Registrar is Jeannie Clark, 210-347-1064, 221 Hills of Texas Trail, Georgetown, TX 78633


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Historic Photo from 2006 Texas Packard Meet

(Courtesy of Bob Supina. Photo taken by Gail Supina.)

Photo shows the late Warren Packard, Jr., Bob Supina and the late Roger White in front of

Bob's 1937 Packard Super Eight LeBaron All-Weather Town Car.

Warren and Roger were direct descendants of the founders of Packard Motor Car Company.








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Meeting Registrar is Jeannie Clark, 210-347-1064, 221 Hills of Texas Trail, Georgetown, TX 78633. Web master is Bill Clark, same address, 210-347-5295