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(www.stagecoachsalado.com) Telephone Number: 254-947-511

We are looking forward to the 38th annual Texas Packard meet in 2015. Here are some details:

The 38th Annual Texas Packard Meet will occur April 10-12, 2015.  As always, it will be held at the historic Stagecoach Inn in Salado (254-947-511), just 50 miles north of Austin on I-35. This is the largest and oldest regional Packard meet in the country. Depending on weather, there are usually over 200 participants from more than 20 states and as many as 66 cars. Participants enjoy an "early bird" tour, swap meet, seminars," peoples choice" competition, and an awards dinner. For info contact meet registrar Jeannie Clark at 210-497 6836 or email her at clarkwc@aol.com.   

Special Presentation

We are going to have a special treat at the 2015 Texas Packard Meet. Roger Luksik, President of the Packard Proving Grounds Foundation, will be honoring us with a presentation on the proving grounds and foundation. He will talk about progress made on restoring a portion of the proving grounds and plans and needs for future work to be done. The accomplishments at the proving grounds are impressive given that the foundation is a non-profit organization served by an all volunteer workforce. The proving grounds foundation web site can be viewed at www.packardmotorfdn.org. Please join us in welcoming Roger to Salado.


Hotel/Motel Accommodations

Please, please, please make your reservations early. The Stagecoach Inn may already be booked solid (it is Aug. 30, 2014 today). I made my reservations when I checked out after the last meet, as many people do. The Inn is not fancy, but it is so convenient! There are a few other places to stay in Salado and they fill up quickly as well. I just did a search and found only The Best Western Plus Salado Inn showing availability for the meet's dates. It is a new and decent motel and has a free breakfast as a plus. Belton and Temple have plenty of motels, but they are from 9 to 15 miles from Salado.


(Information & Registration Form Now Available!)

Please Note: You do not need to download these forms. Just single click on the link. When the image comes up, print it. If you don't see options appear to the lower righ of the image use Control+P on the PC to bring up the print dialog on your computer. I suspect that Command+P on the Mac will have the same effect.

Meeting Information Download (click here)

Registration Form (click here)

Don't wait on making motel reservations as the Stagecoach Inn fills up quickly, then the few surrounding motels get full. If you wait, you may have to commute from Belton.


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Hitoric Photo from 2006 Texas Packard Meet

(Courtesy of Bob Supina. Photo taken by Gail Supina.)

Photo shows the late Warren Packard, Jr., Bob Supina and the late Roger White in front of

Bob's 1937 Packard Super Eight LeBaron All-Weather Town Car.

Warren and Roger were direct desendents of the founders of Packard Motor Car Company.


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